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Welcome to our Blog Page, your resource for expert insights into geotechnical services and construction. Our articles cover a wide range of topics, from the essentials of caissons in construction to the environmental advantages of Horizontal Directional Drilling. Here, professionals and enthusiasts alike can find detailed discussions on the latest techniques and technologies in our field, including grouting, pipe jacking, and rockfall protection.

The Importance of Lateral Support in Geotechnical Engineering

Lateral support, the cornerstone of geotechnical engineering, safeguards structures against the relentless forces of soil and water. It ensures safety, efficiency, and stability in construction, making it an indispensable aspect of diverse projects. Embrace the power of lateral support with BLOC Contractors, where expertise meets innovation to create a secure and enduring future.

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4 Major Benefits of Pipe Jacking

Pipejacking, the epitome of innovation, ushers in a new era for underground infrastructure. With minimal disruption, reduced construction time, and cost-effectiveness, it stands tall as the ultimate solution for building resilient pipelines and conduits. Embrace the future of infrastructure with BLOC Contractors, where cutting-edge technology and expertise converge to create a sustainable and efficient tomorrow.

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Caissons – Reinforcing Deep Foundations for Tall Structures

Caissons, the epitome of engineering precision, rise as stalwart foundations for soaring structures. Their ability to transfer loads vertically and confront lateral forces sets them apart, making them the optimal choice for architects seeking unwavering support. With bespoke customization and enduring strength, caissons stand tall as the definitive choice for constructing the foundations of the future.

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Grouting – What is it and When we do it

Grouting, the cornerstone of geotechnical construction, unleashes the power to fortify foundations and amplify stability. Through precision injections of cement and water, it transforms soil and rock masses, enhancing load-bearing capacity and safeguarding structures from ground movement. Versatile, cost-effective, and technically profound, grouting paves the way for unyielding foundations and lasting construction triumphs.

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BLOC Composite Structures

BLOC Composite Structures has offices in Johannesburg & Durban and is able to deliver anywhere within South Africa and SADEC countries. Our engineering and fabrication staff are able to assist with developing the optimal cutting and assembly plans for any project.

BLOC Concrete Solutions

BLOC Concrete Solutions focuses on everything about concrete repair, rehabilitation, protection and modification for any industry. We are based in Durban and have offices in Joburg.


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