Why Rebar Scanning Is Essential For Construction Quality Control
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February 5, 2020
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March 11, 2020

Rebar is the steel bar or mesh used to reinforce concrete for the concrete to hold tension. Rebar scanning has become an essential part of construction work in order to ensure quality control in all concrete structures. Here’s why rebar scanning is highly important for quality control in construction:


Rebar scanning ensures the durability of the concrete. Quality is maintained through various tests that will determine if the rebar is too weak or if there is an opportunity for the rebar to weaken due to placement in the concrete and so on. The test will determine if the concrete can be used and if it will be durable, and if it is not, it can be replaced before a problem occurs and the safety of individuals is jeopardised.


Rebar scanning will determine the concretes ability to endure stress. Concrete is usually used in very extreme structures as a foundation, which means that the rebar has to be capable of handling large amounts of stress, otherwise the concrete may crack and cause injuries. The rebar acts as a form of cohesion for the concrete, preventing it from crumbling. If the rebar was not in place to strengthen and hold the concrete, the concrete would not be able to endure as much stress.


Rebar scanning will also determine the amount of room there is for moisture inside the concrete. If there is room for moisture, this means that the rebar could be exposed to it which may cause corrosion. Corrosion will weaken the rebar and make it susceptible to bending and breaking.

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