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Reliable Structural Repair Services Across South Africa
February 23, 2015

For more than a decade, Bloc Contractors has been supplying industry with skilled, reliable and dedicated concrete cutting contractors. Even though this company is headquartered in Durban, Kwa-Zulu Natal, they have a national footprint. Throughout their many years’ excellent and celebrated service in the industry, Bloc Services has cemented their status in the industry as a leading civil and building contracting company.

Property maintenance companies, civil contractors and building contractors choose to work with Bloc Contractors because of their excellent reputation throughout the industry and because of their great team of seasoned concrete cutting contractors. Together with their core team of expert contractors, this leading company also keeps abreast with the very latest technological advances within the structural repair industry.

Partner With a Leading Concrete Cutting Contractor in South Africa

There are simply so many reasons why it pays to partner with Bloc Contractors. All of their services, from joint sealing services to epoxy application and structural repair are celebrated for its efficiency and excellent quality. Their national footprint means that you can benefit from their excellent services anywhere in South Africa.

Other services available from Bloc Contractors include:

Joint sealing;
Core drilling;
Demolition / cutting of openings / ADHOC;
Concrete repairs; and
Hydraulic wall and wire sawing of concrete, among many others.

Contact Bloc Contractors to learn more about their services and to benefit from their extensive industry expertise and experience.

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