The Benefits of using Carbon fibre products
Concrete Bridge Repairs
November 12, 2015
Expert Concrete Repair is Now Within Reach
January 11, 2016

At Bloc Contractors we offer quality services such as assessment of structure, design solution to problem supply, and the installation of carbon fibre wrap, plates and bars. We also make use of Carbon fibre products which have been of great aid to the industry in various ways.

This material is one that does not only benefit the industry, but your pockets too. With it being 70% lighter than steel, but still maintaining similar strength to steel, we are now able to use it in structural repairs and reinforcements. With its lightness and flexibility this means that we are able to manipulate it to your structural adjustments needs. This also means that old buildings that need reinforcement, that could possibly be affected by the added weight of steel, now get the opportunity of being reinforced and repaired.

This means that we are able to increase old building structures without further damaging as it is already. It also allows for incorrectly designed buildings to be reinforced without having to demolish it. High corrosion resistance is one of its many facets that makes the product one that is favourable for structural reinforcements. Furthermore, It works on a high strength-to-ratio basis.

The industry has also seen a move towards recycling carbon fibres which can be reused, and allow for stable pricing on a long term basis within the industry which benefits customers. Carbon fibres still retain their properties even though they have been reclaimed by waste. By re-using it can create a market of cost effective products. Recycled carbon fibre products have also moved to the commercial industry allowing for it to be more widely used in the compounding and composites manufacturing industries.

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