Self-Repairing Concrete
Expert Concrete Repair is Now Within Reach
January 11, 2016
Expert Structural Repair Services Can Extend the Life of Your Project
March 10, 2016

There is nothing more annoying than seeing concrete age with cracks and bubbles. At Bloc Contractors we favor the use of concrete due to its strength, and durability. Architectures have also taken a liking to concrete as a material of choice due to its ability to be easily manipulated. However, when this material has to withstand severe/extreme weather conditions, it is inevitable that it can crack.

Our services include concrete repair which ensures that the unwanted cracks within concrete can be reinforced and repaired. By enlisting our services you will have your concrete surfaces repaired, looking as good as new. Our experience and track record shows that we can be trusted with such projects. There have been further developments that we will see in the future when it comes to concrete repairs.

Engineers from Ghent University in Belgium have taken the initiative to look into creating a self repairing concrete. The use of super absorbent polymers have the properties of swelling when in contact with water causing the crack to be filled. It then prevents further water from entering the crack to allow for the crack to be sealed. By sealing of a tiny crack, due to the chemical reaction, will prevent the crack from expanding. With such great innovations, small cracks in concrete can be managed before they become a big problem, saving you time and money. The engineers argue that it will not replace the concrete itself but will help in terms of bonding the cracks.

As we are yet to see these future experimentation in action, we have a solution for you now. With our hands-on approach we will be able to survey, and fixed the affected area timeously. For quality service you can trust, contact us today.

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