What You Should Know About Concrete Core Drilling
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April 15, 2015
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July 9, 2015

The mechanical process of drilling concrete walls, floors and other concrete structures is known as concrete core drilling. Most frequently, diamond core cutting tools are used to achieve concrete cutting outcomes, due to its strength and durability. Using the correct tools, seasoned professionals are able to make round holes on vertical or horizontal surfaces of concrete.

At Bloc Contractors, we have been providing our industry leading services since 2002. This industry leader is based in Durban, but their leading reputation as a premier service provider in the building contracting sector in South Africa has helped them to become a nationally recognised leader in their sector. Their services have also become extremely sought after, and they work with civil contractors, building contractors and other property maintenance companies to achieve a collaborative success on their projects.

Partner With Bloc Contractors of Expert Core Drilling in South Africa

Since their inception, the services provided by Bloc Contractors have been extended. It now includes many other services aside from expert core drilling, including:

• Concrete cutting and repair
• Concrete and brickwork core drilling
• Structural rehabilitation and repairs
• Waterproofing and advanced coating applications

These are only a few of the many services and solutions you can look forward to from Bloc Contractors. Don’t settle for any less than what your money deserves. Partner with one of the undisputed leaders in the sector and guarantee the timely success of your project with the help of Bloc Contractors.

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