Expert Structural Repair Services Can Extend the Life of Your Project
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February 8, 2016
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April 12, 2016

Structural problems and cracks can become disastrous if left untreated. It can chip away at the value of your building, and even become a safety hazard in extreme cases. At Bloc Contractors, we bring nearly two decades of excellence and expertise to the structural repair industry. Based in Durban, we provide our clients with structural repair services that are renowned throughout South Africa.

Today, our services are incredibly sought after and we have the capacity to service civil and building contractors, as well as property maintenance companies. Let us help you take care of your building’s maintenance and structural repair service with our extensive service list, which includes:

• Concrete repair and cutting, as well as wall and wire sawing;
• Concrete and brickwork core drilling;
• Structural repairs and rehabilitation;
• Small to medium demolition; and
• Carbon fibre plate installations for structural strengthening, among many other services and solutions.

Benefit from Expert Concrete Cutting and Structural Repair Solutions

We have a skilled and experienced team of seasoned professionals who works hard to provide our clients with the expert services and solutions that they have come to expect from us. With unparalleled experience in our trade, we continue to work hard and expand our knowledge and expertise in our field. Speak to our team of sales professionals today to learn more about our extensive selection of expert services and solutions, and to partner with a leader in the structural repair sector in South Africa.

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