Challenges Faced in Structural Repairs of Existing Buildings
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August 13, 2015
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October 12, 2015

Wear and tear in buildings is expected over long periods of time. Water damage, soil erosion, termites and such are examples of the challenges faced in structural repairs done for buildings. No matter what size and when it was built, every building is faced with some kind of damage over a period of time.

We at Bloc contractors look for professional solutions to existing buildings that need structural repairs. Majority of houses are made with concrete. The material is used for the foundation, driveways and patio, and in order to repair these zones, concrete is needed to rebuild, level or find the best proportion to define the structure of the space. When they have reached the end of their service plan, buildings have to deal with the weakening by way of concrete cracking and steel erosion.

For the best practise, we ensure that our materials are valued to outline the damage that needs repairs. Unfortunately, there isn’t always a direct solution to earth doing its natural evolution. However, with the right design and architectural planning, success can be reached without altering the functionality of the foundation. We often work closely with an engineer who uses their structural and mechanical principles to find a solution. This way, when the renovations are underway, we can track the progress as we work. Once we find the origin of damage, we apply the correct materials to the spot to ensure the new work lasts for longer.

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