Benefits Of Fireproofing Installations
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March 9, 2015
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April 15, 2015

Often the first step to fire defence is to fireproof structures. This means that construction materials are used to retard or minimize opportunities for fire to damage or spread within structures.

This includes the installation of retardant, non-flammable or non–combustible walling or support materials together with firestopping materials which are used to seal openings and joints in structures.

Examples of such gaps may be joints between components, floor perimeters such as slab edges or wall cavities, penetrations feeding piping or wiring into a structure and electrical outlet boxes or plumbing junctions.

So the use of non-combustible panelling and/or cementitious materials together with materials plugging up cavities and gaps in structures ensures a structural space that is both fire- and smoke-proof in the unfortunate event that a fire starts inside or outside it.

Bloc Contractors has, for more than twelve years, built-up expertise in compiling the best array of fireproofing materials possible to keep you, your home and your business safe.

Oxygen starvation and non-degradable resistance in structures contains fires; in effect trapping them.

The chief benefit of this, is that it is a proactive solution. Rather than relying on extinguishers, hoses, sprinkler systems and alarms – which are reactive agents, useful only after the fact and extremely high-maintenance, the fireproofing sector of fire defence is a low-maintenance built-in system of fire retardant components which act to inhibit or, at the very least, contain a fire from spreading. This gains firefighters’ valuable time in countering the devastation a fire has the potential to unleash.

A second benefit of fireproofing would be to keep valuable documents and artefacts from fires approaching from outside. Here the reverse effect is an advantage. Instead of containing a fire, fire-resistant building materials can ensure that fire doesn’t wreak havoc on sensitive computer equipment or archives.

Thirdly, fireproofing usually complies with a building code, construction regulation or a quality or technical specification, thereby ensuring that your structure is compliant to these laws and specifications. One is then “construction legal”, so to speak.

To ensure that your building complies with these measures and specifications, consult with the specialists, Bloc Contractors, to maximise your fireproofing strategy.

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